Artesanías Las Pallas – Mari Solari

Artesanías Las Pallas – Mari Solari

A magical place is located in Barranco, one of Lima’s most vibrant districts: Artesanías Las Pallas. Mari Solari, originally from Wales, arrived in Peru in 1966 and right away she fell in love with Peruvian art. She first learned about art and crafts in her mother-in-law´s gallery in San Juan de Lurigancho. In time, she realized she had to open a gallery of her own and, with the blessing of her mother-in-law, she opened Las Pallas in 1986.

barranco located artesanias pallas

In Las Pallas, you can find every kind of craft. Mari has spent her life traveling throughout the Peruvian highlands and jungle and on these trips she has been able to collect the crafts on display and for sale in her gallery. Every single thing in Las Pallas is chosen by Mari herself and handmade in different places in Peru. That’s why everything you find in her gallery has a magical and special meaning.

pallas mari solari gallery

Little by little, Mari Solari has managed to create an incredibly cozy and beautiful spot within her house in Barranco. But the house and her gallery are not the only thing that make a visit so special; Calle Cajamarca – where Las Pallas is located – is full of color, trees, and dreamy houses.

For Mari, Barranco is very special because it was created by the neighbors and the love of all the people that live there. She designed her house from top to bottom exactly how she wanted it.

barranco las pallas street view

Las Pallas has different spaces with different types of crafts such as religious stuff, textiles, crosses, ornaments and more. All visitors are welcome at Las Pallas, where they will be greeted by Mari herself with a smile from ear to ear. It is open Monday through Saturday from 10:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m., excluding holidays.