Explorandes Guides Attend Annual Training to Brush Up on Up-and-Coming Tourist Routes, Sustainability, and First Aid

Explorandes Guides Attend Annual Training to Brush Up on Up-and-Coming Tourist Routes, Sustainability, and First Aid

We have just a few requirements for our Explorandes guides, many of which encompass our commitment to sustainability and the environment. The rest include keeping our guests safe and taken care of throughout their journey in Peru as well as inspired with background information and insider knowledge about the sights and cities they’re exploring.


Last month our passionate group of Explorandes guides gathered for a three-day training in Cusco to brush up their skills and understanding of first aid, environmental issues, and lesser-known routes in northern Peru, an annual event that keeps our guides polished and prepared ahead of the high tourism season.

Always important, the guides refreshed themselves on life-saving techniques such as administering CPR and how to dress a wound or injury in the field. Outdoor adventures come with their risks and surprises. It’s crucial that our guides are prepared to handle whatever medical emergencies unfold.

Later, Bruno Monteferri, Director of the NGO Conservamos por Naturaleza, joined the event from Lima with an inspiring and informative environmental-focused presentation that covered everything from climate change to tourism’s important role in protecting and conserving our planet’s ecosystems and environments.

Then, the discussion shifted to two exciting routes in the north of Peru, the Moche Route and the Chachapoyas Route, both are routes gaining international recognition as publications like National Geographic tout their unique natural and cultural attractions. The Gocta Waterfall, outside of Chachapoyas and included in the adventurous Chachapoyas Route, is one such attraction drawing tourists to the depths of Peru’s western Amazon for a glimpse at this 771-meter waterfall, the third highest waterfall in the world. Additionally, the ancient pre-Inca fortress of Kuelap, also on the Chachapoyas Route, is gaining attention for its new cable car access and recent inclusion in National Geographic Traveler’s “50 Tours of a Lifetime” issue.

All in all, it was three jam-packed days of interesting insight and education in topics, we as an Explorandes team, find invaluable to delivering an exceptional travel experience for our guests.