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Northern Perú

This trip takes you on a journey of discovery along the northern coast and Andes of Peru, between the cities of Trujillo, Chiclayo and Cajamarca, lands once dominated by the Moche Empire and then the Incas. We invite you to review the full itinerary and observe the many incredible things you can discover along the way. Do not forget to check our tips on the left side of this window, we want you in good condition. See you on the road!

Itinerary: Day 1 Lima/Trujillo, Day 2 Trujillo, Day 3 Chiclayo, Day 4 Chiclayo, Day 5 – 7 Cajamarca, Day 8 Lima, Day 9 Lima Location: Trujillo, Chiclayo, Cajamarca & Lima Season: All year Duration: 8 days / 7 nights

Why travel with us?

Pioneers: We are the first adventure company to operate the Inca Trail, as well as to Choquequirao. Since 1975 we have been providing adventurers with authentic life – Changing experiences in Perú.

Eco Friendly Tour operator: Recognized as a World’s Leading Green Tour Operator in World Travel Awards, and verified as Sustainable Tour Operator by the Rainforest Alliance. We use Operating procedures to minimize our impact on the environment.

Experts in innovation: Travelling with us means discovering new paths away from the crowds. We have private campsites on our treks, allowing you to disconnect from the world and fully enjoy the adventure.

Highly trained: Our guides are not only experts in routes, they are also have been trained in first aid and every adventure you choose you will find a specialist who will help you to live it.

Less is more: A good trip is built through the best experiences. In Explorandes we care about personalized service away from the crowd and in small groups, which allow travelers to connect with the surrounding environment, history and culture.

Specialized equipment: To ensure the safety and comfort of your trip we have the best equipment for camping, kayaking, climbing, mountain biking, etc.

We put Quality first: In Explorandes we build unique experiences through the details. Our staff will make your trip an unforgettable experience.

Day 1


Arrival in Trujillo and transfer to your Hotel. After settling in we will visit the Huaca de la Luna and the Moche countryside. One of the most interesting characteristics of the Moche culture was their artist, who obtained the highest level of mastery in the creation of pottery and decorative iconography of the monuments. The Temple of the Moon is a exquisitely and decorated temple that represents the spiritual center of the Moche culture. It consists of a series of temples built one on top of the other over decades. In the upper reaches of the adobe ramparts the walls are decorated with gures of multi-colored divinities, of the most important Moche God Ai Apaec. Lunch and dinner on your own. Hotel overnight.

Day 2


We start the day with a visit to Chan Chan. Named a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, Chan Chan was the capital of the Chimu Empire, which inhabited this region after the fall of the Moche. At over 500 acres, it is the largest known adobe complex in the world, and is divided into 9 separate smaller cities. We will visit some of the restored sectors. Then we will explore the Huaca Dragon as some have interpreted the central motif to be that of a dragon. Outer walls have reliefs of snakes and peculiar lizards. Drive to Huanchaco for lunch. A once tiny shing village, occupied in pre-Inca times by shing communities’ oceangoing canoes built from local reeds. The peculiar method used to maneuver these watercrafts gave rise to their nickname, the “Little Reed Horses”, and are believed to be the predecessor of the surfboard as they used their crafts to ride the waves upon returning from a day at sea. The tour of the city center begins at the Main Square or Plaza de Armas with a view of the most beautiful facades of the colonial houses, including a visit to the Uquiaga House, among others. B/L

Day 3

Trujillo & Chiclayo

Early departure to Chiclayo. On the road visit to the archaeological complex of El Brujo. The archaeological site is located north of Trujillo, near Chocope, in the Ascope province. At the El Brujo archaeological site there are three huacas: Huaca Cao Viejo, Huaca El Brujo and Huaca Prieta. The Moche people, who lived there between the years A.D. 100 and 700, built these structures. The Huaca Cao Viejo was most likely used for religious rituals. Within this temple, archaeologists have found the ruins of an important ceremonial precinct. Its two walls decorated with small high-relief iconographic designs. The narrative scenes that decorate both walls each contain approximately 50 iconographic gures showing scenes of shing and navigation, human gures related to the cosmic world, mythical animals, shamans, warriors and a human sacri ce. At Huaca El Brujo the archaeologist found the famous mummy of the Lady of Cao, the only Moche shaman woman known to these days. Lunch in a local restaurant. Arrival at Sipan for a visit to the Huaca Rajada, or Cracked Temple archaeological site. At Huaca Rajada we will nd the mausoleum of the Lord of Sipan; one of the most powerful Moche kings of his time, with absolute power of life and death over all his subjects. Upon his death he was buried, together with his host of attendants and much of his ruches, in a remarkable burial complex. The complex has multiple di erentiated areas, among them religious monuments, patios, cemeteries, living areas, military forti cations, etc. B/L

Day 4


Royal Tombs of the Lord of Sipan Museum. In the museum, one of the most modern and acclaimed in all South America, one can appreciate the magni cence of the archaeological nd at the Sipan site: ceramics, textiles, jewelry in gold and silver, and a enormous quantity of ceremonial utensils. Afternoon visit to the Valley of the Pyramids and the on-site museum. Tucume was the last capital of the Lambayeque kingdom; the Tucume pyramids are among the principal monuments of the region. Their 26 enormous structures are made entirely of adobe, and were designed for diverse ritualistic, commercial, residential and other functions. The construction of these pyramids was begun in the 10th century. Huaca Larga is the largest structure, with an impressive 2300 ft. in length, 920 ft. in width and 100 ft. in height. It’s the single largest adobe structure in South America. Recent discoveries at the site include painted murals in its interior squares, surrounded by walkways and roofed in galleries. Hotel overnight, lunch and dinner on your own. B

Day 5

Chiclayo / Cajamarca

Transfer to Cajamarca by car. On the way you have the opportunity to admire the Peruvian Andes landscape and the famous campiñas of Cajamarca. Arrive at our hotel, free time to roam the city and its surroundings. B

Day 6


After lunch we will visit the site of Cumbemayo, located less than 10 mi. outside the city of Cajamarca, but at an altitude almost 2500 ft. higher (11450 ft. above sea level). The site is framed by an unusual and picturesque landscape, which includes an eerily beautiful rock formation known as “The Friars”. It is considered the oldest waterworks in the Andes, whose principal objective was to transport water from the Atlantic watershed to the Paci c watershed by crossing the continental divide, which runs through the mountains above Cajamarca. The waterworks are divided into three sections of canals, of 2800 ft., 8500 ft. and over 18500 ft. in length. The canals, carved out of solid rock and display almost perfectly at and straight canal walls and base, with 90-degree angles joining the two. The Cumbemayo waterworks are estimated to be over 3500 years olds. Overnight. B

Day 7


Visit the most attractive places in the city, such as: The Cathedral, Plaza de Armas, San Francisco, this famous rescue room where Pizarro demanded gold from the Inca, and the Colony of Santa Apolonia (chair of the Inca) where we can fully appreciate the size of the city. Afternoon free. Overnight. Lunch and dinner on your own. B

Day 8


Transfer to the airport for the ight to Lima. Meet in Lima airport and transfer to your hotel. Rest of the afternoon free. Optional activities available. B

Services included:

  • Standard class hotels with breakfast, tours where included
  • Entrance fees to museums and archaeological sites
  • Transportation, transfers on arrival and departures
  • Llunches during full day tours
  • Guides in the main sites.

B-Breakfast / L-Lunch / D-Dinner

Services not included:

  • Meals in the main cities
  • Alcoholic beverages,
  • Extras
  • Taxes
  • Tips
  • Laundry services
  • Additional tours
  • Insurance
  • Airline tickets.

What to take:

  • Good walking shoes (rubber soles)
  • Standard clothing used for travelling outdoor worldwide
  • Light outdoor gear
  • Rain protection gear
  • Sun protection
  • Insect repellent
  • Warmer clothes especially in the months of May – July when temperatures can vary from hot days to freezing nights.
  • Personal 1st aid kit. On each trip we carry a medical kit but we suggest a small personal 1st-aid kit for bruises and blisters. A knee and ankle brace are sometimes useful especially if you su er from weak knees or ankles. Include any special medication your doctor might suggest for you.

Limawasi Hotel

We are located in Miraflores, a residential district and an excellent location for business or tourism, nearby you will find shopping, dining and recreation areas. Located 30 minutes from the international airport and 20 minutes from the historic center of Lima.

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El Tambo

Conveniently located just two blocks from the main avenue José Larco Miraflores, and four blocks from Larcomar, our hostel is very near to the Pacific Ocean. We offer a new lodging alternative, make yourself at home in our comfortable and spacious rooms. In the safe and quiet business area of Lima, Miraflores is the tourist district of the city of Kings.

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Tierra Viva Aguas Calientes

Tierra Viva Cusco Machu Picchu Hotel strategic location ensures our guests the best experience possible of the amazing Inca citadel. Our facilities are located in the quietest area of Aguas Calientes, facing the Urubamba River and surrounded by the Forest of Clouds. We have exclusively at your disposal, a bus stop from where our clients can directly take the bus to Machu Picchu or get to the archeological site after a 60 minute walk. Modern style, our Hotel has 43 spacious and comfortable rooms, a lounge with a fireplace, a breakfast room and a bar to relax and enjoy some drinks after a day of adventures. Our hotel has a panoramic lift that has been decorated with Andean inspired graffiti by the Peruvian artist Carolina Málaga. Near the entrance of the hotel is the dining room, where every morning a delicious Andean buffet is served, and the Reception Desk were you can comfortably do your check-in.

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El Mapi Hotel

“Smart” and “contemporary” are the de defining elements of this hotel. Set in the busy heart of Machu Picchu Pueblo, guests are ideally located to admire, experience and enjoy this quaint village. The hotel’s concept seeks to create a place where our travelers can find efficiency and friendliness. A modern resting environment for guests eager for a visit that promises comfort and calm as they encounter Machu Picchu, one of the New 7 Wonders of the Modern World.

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IFK Lodge

IFK Lodge Hotel is magically and mystically situated under the gaze and protection of the Pitusiray Mountain (Apu), on the banks of the Sacred River of the Inca – the Urubamba River – which runs through the entire valley, creating a unique micro climate, turning the area into a natural, cultural and eco-environmental setting, which in turn soothes us with its hum, inducing us into meditation and romance.

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Sacred Dreams

Sacred Dreams is a Unique Lodge set in Peru magical Sacred Valley. We utilized the natural resources of this abundant land in building the lodge to provide you with the highest level of comfort while maintaining the most respect for local customs and harmony with the environment.

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Casa Esmeralda

Located in a beautiful residential area, Casa Esmeralda by Ananay Hotels, offers a quaint yet elegant boutique concept that meets the needs of today’s guests who demand a personalized service experience and the warmth only a place like Cusco can offer.

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Hotel Garcilaso

The hotel is located 1 block from the Main Square and next to several touristic attractions; One of the house was once part of the house of the mestizo Inca Garcilaso de la Vega, which has been refurbished for hotel services. The rooms are carpeted all with hot water the 24 hours. Wireless Internet and free buffet breakfast is included for all guests.

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Hotel El Balcón

El Balcon is a pre-colonial house constructed around 1630 carefully restored in 1998 with the intention of offering first-rate lodging. Located in the colonial center of Cusco, only three blocks from the Main Plaza de Armas overlooking the city and the surrounding mountains.

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Rupa Wasi Lodge

Rupa wasi lodge has a unique location in aguas calientes that provides spectacular views of the mountains of machu picchu. Our lodge has rooms with private bathrooms and balconies that allow our guests to take full advantage of these beautiful surroundings.

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Hotel El Albergue

Originally opened in 1925 under the name of lodge Santa Rosa, El Albergue is a historic and romantic lodge, located in the Ollantaytambo train station little more than an hour away from Machu Picchu and the city of Cusco.

With only 16 rooms special detail is given to each and every one, resulting in an elegantly rustic style. Beautiful gardens visited by hummingbirds are engulfed by the aroma of fuchsia, passionflower, peaches and avocado trees which all adorn the early 20th century lodge. Step outside and catch the train to the spectacular ruins of Machu Picchu.

While you are at El Albergue you may spend your days visiting the Inca and Pre-Inca archeological sights of Ollantaytambo, Pisaq and Moray, river rafting and mountain biking, and enjoying the beauty and culture of the Andes.

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Casa San Blas Boutique

Casa San Blas was first, just a dream: We aimed to have an old 17th century house restaured in to the traditional way, and at the same time have the modern standards of comfort and good taste. The design and building was indeed a challenge. We decided to use traditional materials, as adobe, stone, wood and leather for the building and at the same time include bedding & equipment of high quality. Now, after a few years in the market we are proud of what we achieved: A highly personalized lodging standards and a succesfull boutique hotel with thounsands of happy customers. Being the first “Boutique hotel” in Peru, back in 2003 drove us to design standards that would involve personalized service, learning opportunities, an architecture that is harmonic with the city and neighborhood as well as social and environmental responsibility.

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Ananay Quinta San Blas

In this quaint neighborhood you will find Quinta San Blas an enchanting colonial-republican house completely renovated into a hotel boutique. With its top notch amenities and high quality service Ananay provides all the needs travelers search for after a long day visiting our beautiful city. San Blas, along with San Cristobal, is one of the oldest neighborhoods of Cusco. Inca temples in honor of their god of thunder were replaced by what is now the oldest church in the city. It has now become the bohemian sector of the Inca capital, painters and sculptors teeming the streets selling their wares.

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Ananay Palacio Manco Capac

Manco Capac Palace is a hotel built on what used to be a XIX century Peruvian republican mansion. Built on the foundations of Manco Capac’s original Palace, this sumptuous house is surrounded by authentic Inca platforms and located behind the San Cristobal Church. Part of the palace wall is still standing and only a few meters away from the hotel.

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Inkaterrra – Sumaq

Sumaq Machu Picchu Hotel is spectacularly located on the banks of the Vilcanota River in Aguas Calientes at the foot of Peru’s premier tourism attraction. The luxury property, with 62 exquisitely appointed rooms and suites, offers an exclusive guest experience infused with Inca influences and world-class amenities, services and appointments. Preparing authentic gourmet Peruvian cuisine, Qunuq Restaurant creates innovative and unique dishes that introduce ancient culinary traditions and exciting flavors to travelers and foodies.  Aqlla Spa creates its own indigenous products with regional ingredients and incorporates historic Inca techniques in its treatments. Suquy Café & Bar mixes international and exotic native cocktails focusing on Peruvian herbs and fruits. Rather than do the exhausting mass-tourism day trip from Cuzco, Sumaq Machu Picchu’s guests fully experience Machu Picchu and the local Andean culture with the hotel’s proximity and ease of access to the legendary archaeological site and an array of indigenous culinary, cultural and nature experiences, from a Peruvian cooking and bar class to renewing vows in an Andean wedding to hiking, climbing and bird watching.

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Machu Picchu Sanctuary Lodge

Belmond Sanctuary Lodge is the only hotel located adjacent to the ancient Inca citadel of Machu Picchu. It offers its guests exceptionally easy access from early morning to late afternoon, when most of the day visitors and buses have left. Sit out on a terrace and savour Peruvian cuisine based on produce grown on the Lodge’s own plot: this delightful hideaway is the perfect place to relax and unwind in the shadow of the Lost City.

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Belmond Miraflores Park Plaza

Set in Mira ores, one of Lima’s most exclusive residential areas, Belmond Mira ores Park is an all-suite hotel offering breathtaking views out to sea. Its state-of-the-art facilities, spacious accommodation and pampering services make it the perfect hotel for both corporate and leisure guests. In Travel + Leisure World’s Best Awards 2014 it was voted #10 in the “Top City Hotel in Central and South America” category.

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Inkaterra Hacienda Urubamba

Inkaterra Hacienda Urubamba is a contemporary hotel with colonial inspiration, built in the heart of Urubamba Valley (Cusco), among flowers, mountains and trees. It creates an enabling environment for mental, spiritual and physical rest. The hotel has a design inspired by the architecture of the Cusco region, with an interior design inspired by local materials. A luxurious Andean environment proper of the Inkaterra spirit preserves the authenticity of Peruvian highlands. It is ideal for family holidays, offering various activities at the Valley and its surroundings, which are perfectly designed to assist travellers with the process of acclimatization. These allow the discovery of ancient traditions on the Andean farm and emphasize the history, traditions, nature and charm of the Sacred Valley.

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Hotel Belmond Río Sagrado

In the Sacred Valley of the Incas, among verdant fields and towering mountains, lies Belmond Hotel Rio Sagrado.
Designed in the style of a local village, with charming villas constructed from natural materials, it o offers views of the mighty Urubamba River from each of the rooms. Located at a lower altitude than Cusco, it provides the perfect environment in which to relax and acclimatize. Rated #9 in TripAdvisor’s Travellers’ Choice Awards 2014 “Top 10 Small Hotels in Peru” category.

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Belmond Palacio Nazarenas

Set in a tranquil plaza behind Cusco’s main square, this restored 17th-century palace and convent is now one of the city’s most exclusive hotels. An irresistible mix of ancient and modern, it blends Inca walls, a cloistered courtyard and ancient fountain with a fabulous spa, the city’s first outdoor pool and a cutting-edge restaurant.

TripAdvisor rated Belmond Palacio Nazarenas best luxury hotel in South America in its Travellers’ Choice Awards 2014.

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Marriot Hotel

The JW Marriott Cusco is located a few blocks from the Main Square among the main historical sites of the city, such as the Cathedral, the Qoricancha Temple and San Blas Neighborhood. The Hotel has been designed and built on the 17th Century Colonial Convent of San Agustin, declared National Cultural Heritage by the Peruvian Government. The Convent was restored with utmost respect for the archeological remains from Pre-Inca, Inca, Colonial, Republican and Contemporary periods, which render the Hotel its unique character and offer an incomparable cultural experience for all guests. Built at 11,154 ft. above sea level, it is the first Marriott property constructed at such high altitude, so a supplementary oxygen system is available in all of its 153 rooms for guests’ total comfort.

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Belmond Hotel Monasterio

Close by Cusco’s lively central square is Belmond Hotel Monasterio, a restored 16th-century and important national monument. This delightful retreat, set around a stunning central courtyard with a 300-year-old cedar tree, is known for its exceptional architecture and a gilded chapel hung with fine works of art. Belmond Hotel Monasterio has won numerous awards. In Condé Nast Traveler’s “Gold List 2014” it was named the number one hotel in Peru.

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